I am Mark and I shoot people

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Aside from shooting people, my biggest hobby is petting big leaves and looking smart while holding the camera

No, I am not wearing glasses, and yes, pretending you don’t know you’re being photographed can make a nice Facebook profile photo… works like a charm

As you already know, my name is Mark. I am a 25 year old camera hauling parent disappointment, failed Law student and a successful portrait, fashion, and travel photographer / photo retoucher from Belgrade, Serbia.

  • If we were to believe my best friends.

My photography adventure started in 2012 with a small camera and a big dream, and to be honest, it wasn't quite the dream of choosing photography as a main career, as the financial prospect of photography didn't sound promising for a young guy who's about to enter the University.

Fast forward to 2018, and I am running my own photography business, traveling the world, and living a life full of experiences I've never dreamt of having. So what changed?

I've decided to give a chance to my wildest dreams, to abolish the idea of what I was getting ready to become, abandon the ordinary life in pursuit of adventure, make some hard decisions, and devote myself to this beautiful art. I gave everything to the camera, and it gave me all back.

If you want to know more about how I accomplished this, you can follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook, where I write daily about photography, retouching, developing a business and traveling.

Here you can find all about yours truly. Mark Smilyanic | Portrait and Adventure Photographer from Belgrade

The serious stuff

So far I have visited 27 countries and worked with clients from all across the globe: Russian Federation, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland, Netherlands, Africa, South America, Dubai, UAE…
both as a photographer or as a photoretoucher

Some of the clients I work or worked with are Opel, Helwett Packard, Terranova, LISCA, Ma P'tite Culotte, Rebel Athletic, The Luxe Lens, KILLSTAR, Wave Gotik Treffen, Belial Clothing, Blondy Fashion, Low and Heavy, to name a few.

Notable publications and interviews

  • Digital FOTO (Denmark) - Interview for the World's Most Dangerous

  • IGNIRE magazine (India) - Exhibition of my travel photography

  • Radio Beograd - Multiple interviews on the national frequency

  • Gothic and Amazing 2016 Calendar - Portrait Photography

  • Opel International - Covered the unveiling of two production models. Photos I took were used by numerous magazines, portals and newspaper agencies 

  • Studio B - A TV showcase of the photos I've shot for Elipsa Fashion

  • Margarita Kareva - Certificate issued by one of the world's most famous photographers and photoretouchers

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