Do you want me to teach you?

If your answer is positive, and you're hungry for knowledge - the text below has the answers you need!

Do you want me to teach you? — Photographer Marko Smiljanic

Are you interested in improving:

  • photography and portrait retouching skills
  • model and location scouting
  • communication with clients and models alike
  • composition skills
  • social media marketing             

Or you're here because you:


  • need help from a more experienced photographer when working on a set
  • want to know how to work better with the gear you possess, 
  • want to learn how to improvise and get satisfactory results in any circumstances,
  • want to know how I run my business and are interested in having me as a mentor

 ''I'm confident that you're in the right place to be.''

If you’re interested in learning from me, there are a couple of options you can choose from:

  • Group lessons 
  • Individual lessons
  • Skype lessons and E-mentoring
  • Workshops

The chosen method depends on your preference and my availability.

Due to numerous mentoring applications I've been getting, I would like to conduct a brief interview with every applicant, before we start, so that I can further explain the specifics of each course.

Do you want me to teach you? — Photographer Marko Smiljanic

A more expensive camera won't make you a better photographer.

don't be the guy hauling expensive gear without having any idea how to unlock its full potential.

It's true, we hate those people, and we have a great reason to do so.

I firmly believe that the best thing you can invest in, as a photographer is your knowledge of :

  • photography creation process
  • the post production phase, or as we often call it - photo retouching.

You can have all the top notch equipment and best models to work with, but a truly remarkable result is achieved only by knowing how to execute your desired results. Undeniably, having expensive equipment could give you a certain advantage under specific conditions, but only if you know exactly what you're doing with it. And most beginners - unfortunately, don't.

Do you want me to teach you? — Photographer Marko Smiljanic

Photoretouching is a game changer

A new Iphone, or a point-and-shoot camera, not more expensive than ~ $100, can beat a $3000 camera photo anytime, with a bit of Photoshop & Lightroom magic. We live in a digital era and knowing how to process your photos is a must. Simply try delivering a raw photo that doesn't look nearly as good as it should to your clients who are about to pay you well. When you never hear from them again, that's when you'll realize.

Yes, all those photos you like and see on a daily basis in the magazines, on Instagram accounts of the people you follow, on billboards or on any kind of advertising in the media are retouched and that's what makes the difference,
- that's what makes those photos stand out.

Becoming a great photographer takes time, patience, and practice. I believe you can save time by working with a skillful teacher, and learn something useful in the process that would otherwise take you years.

If you are interested in training shoot me an email via the contact form.
We can discuss your specific needs, fees, and the method of teaching that suits you best. All the packs are available as a gift certificate as well!