A complete collection of Smilyanic Travel oriented Presets — Portrait and Adventure Photographer Marko Smiljanic from Belgrade

represents a complete collection of my
Travel & Adventure oriented profiles for
Adobe Lightroom, LR Mobile and Photoshop Camera RAW


This bundle pack was created to tackle all the color grading needs I’ve had, living on the road and traveling actively for the past couple of years.

It represents two years of studying and creating color palettes that I’ve researched for my own use.

Since I’m certain that you can’t find such a pack on the market today, I’ve decided to share it with the world

65 Profiles of the Adventurer’s Bundle Pack will provide you with enough variety to transform your images the way you’ve never imagined.

Get creative playing with White Balance and Camera Calibration sliders in order to take the look of the profiles further than their color suggest, try it out, you’ll never know where you’ll end up!

Adventurer’s Bundle is created with creatives in mind, travelers and adventurer’s that are, as much as I am, in love with color grading and looking for a quick way to get colors you’ll otherwise spend hours creating.


allows you to unlock hidden color features within Lightroom and Camera RAW!

Control the strength of the effect by using the Amount slider — a novelty provided by ADOBE that many users don’t know about!

I hope you’ll enjoy using the ADVENTURER’S BUNDLE PACK
and thank you for supporting my work!

— Marko Smiljanic