If the toning reminiscent of amber, golden skintones, darkwood vibes, and coffee toned shadows are your kind of thing —
then I am sure you’ll love using this Preset pack! ☕


Presets found in the Amaranth Pack are what lays behind most of my outdoor portrait work, many travel and lifestyle shots, including some colorful indoor photos as well 📷

All Smilyanic Portrait Preset Pack in one place! — Portrait and Adventure Photographer Marko Smiljanic from Belgrade

Ambertone is my most valuable Photography business resource me and my wife have EVER purchased.
You’ve saved our season with this color look»
— Ryan and Ebony S.

''Great work creating this preset! Most of the photos you can edit with just one click, and for those you can’t — just a slight adjustment is all what needs to be done. It has been adapted phenomenally''
— J. Mario

Within the pack you will find 30 different Presets:

Ambertone Presets are intended to be used with RAW photos, but they will work just as right with phone and GoPro shots as well. Personally tested — as you can daily witness on my Instagram account!

Amaranth | Baikal
Amaranth | Lukewarm
Amaranth | Turquoise +
Amaranth | Yukon
Amaranth | Genmai
Amaranth | Macha
Amaranth | Goldleaf
Amaranth | Silverleaf
Amaranth | Ambertone Fusion
Amaranth | Bright + Cold
Amaranth | Bright + Warm
Amaranth | FilmstockTeal
Amaranth | FilmstockWarm
Amaranth | Primrose
Amaranth | Rohese
Ambertone | Bright
Ambertone | Dark
Ambertone | Dark + WB
Ambertone | Cobalt
Ambertone | Cobalt + WB
Ambertone | Warm
Ambertone | Earthy —
Ambertone | Earthy +
Ambertone | Green —
Ambertone | Green +
Ambertone | Filmstock I
Ambertone | Filmstock II
Ambertone | Filmstock III
Ambertone | Dust
Ambertone | Amaranthe Fusion