Nighthawk Profile Pack

This is a specialized profile set I’ve created with night photography in mind,

Nighthawk is definitely going to breath new life to your nighttime shots!

The pack consists of variety of looks that make illuminated streets and city lights stand out, while toning their surroundings and shadows into colder hues. It’s a color combination that always works well together!

Nighthawk comes together with Dehaze +, a special set of profiles that deals with ‘'light pollution''.

🔷 Nighthawk Profile Pack — Photographer Marko Smiljanic

This is not your average preset!
As it’s created as a profile with a 3D LUT color remapping infused, you have the ability to control the strength of the effect using the amount slider, and absolutely transform your photos!

To keep it short: Profiles are Presets on steroids and their main benefit is color manipulation on a whole new level! (which is something that many Lightroom/Photoshop users don’t know about!)

Nighthawk comes together with Dehaze +, a special set of profiles that deals with ‘'light pollution''.

Like with Dehaze+, you can experiment using the profiles with your daytime shots to create some interesting effects!

Profiles of the Nighthawk Profile Pack work both in Lightroom, LR Mobile and in Photoshop Camera Raw!

Even though it’s created as a RAW photo profile, it works amazing with phone and GoPro shots as well. Personally tested!

The Profile Pack comes together with the Installation Guide and Profile Specifics page that explains in-depth the true difference and implications of the new color looks, brought to Camera RAW and Lightroom, by the most recent ACR/Lightroom update!

Within the pack you will find 12 different Profiles:

  1. Nighthawk
  2. Nighthawk —
  3. Nighthawk +
  4. Nighthawk Blue
  5. Nighthawk Blue —
  6. Nighthawk Blue +
  7. Nighthawk II
  8. Nighthawk II Shadows +
  9. Dehaze+
  10. Dehaze++
  11. Dehaze Color Booster
  12. Dehaze Color Booster +