''Dehaze +'' Preset Pack

All of us who ever tried shooting sky, timelapse photography, the eclipse, stars, or comets at night know how time consuming light pollution removal can be.

Removing the haze caused by light reflected from the ground below requires working with numerous sliders, but there’s always a little something that our photos lack, compared to those shot by the masters in the field of night photography.

I’ve created Dehaze+ with all the nightscape photographers in mind that have been repeatedly asking me, how is it possible to get a clear and dark sky, free of haze caused by the lights of big cities.

After a long testing and trial and error research - I’ve came up with Dehaze+, a profile that’s definitely going to give a big boost to your nighttime shots!

Check it out yourself!

Be it a night cityscape, a nightsky panorama, or a shot of our Milky Way, ‘’Dehaze +’’ is going to be a great starting profile, and very often, the only thing your photo will need!

I will tell you a little secret, it works great with some hazy daylight shots as well!

With ‘’Dehaze+’’ the dreaded ‘’Light pollution’’ above our cityscape or sky shots is no more!

 This profile is crafted using a powerful 3D LUT infusion method, and is intended for Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Lightroom use.

‘’Dehaze +’’ comes together with Nighthawk Profile Pack.