Brace yourselves, this is going to be a big gallery!
Our story is too long to be contained within a couple frames — as Elena is a ''model turned love of my life'' kind of story.

Elena is a photographer/photoretoucher, teacher, blogger, musician and a model with the warmest heart from the cold lands of Russia.
Moreover, she is…*khm khm*a girlfriend of a overly talented..*khm*.famous Belgrade photographer mr. Mark Smilyanic

Jokes aside, she is a reason I turned my life around, and decided to give this adventure of ours a try.
Her own photography works are something that continues to inspire me, even if we’re living under the same roof.
To be able to witness her art creation process is something that adds to my own photography skills daily.

Currently you can find us living in Belgrade, my hometown.
Together we’re crossing the world in search of adventure and inspiration.
I could say I am lucky to always have a model by my side!

I believe that every photographer's dream is to stumble upon something so precious, a holy grail of inspiration.

I am eternally grateful to the universe for blessing me with you