Ambertone Preset Pack

This Preset Pack represents the look that many associate with my studio and interior portrait photography.

If the toning reminiscent of amber, golden skintones and coffee toned shadows are your kind of thing — then I am sure you’ll love using this Preset pack!

Experiment using the presets of the pack to set the tone or to finalize the color correction process.
The presets are versatile and work with almost any photo you apply them to!

«Mark this is outstanding. The presets included in the pack have completely surpassed my expectations. Thank you once again for crafting these and teaching me how to use them!.»
— Emylee A.

«Ambertone is my most valuable Photography business resource me and my wife have EVER purchased.
You’ve saved our season with this color look»
— Ryan and Ebony S.

«Nice work on the pack mate. This is exactly what I was looking for
Your Ambertone pack should be nominated for the Preset Pack of the Year.
You’ve saved my wedding business, and I’m adapting its use for a variety of photography styles I shoot!» — Codi I.


Ambertone Earthy +

Ambertone Cobalt + WB

Presets within the pack work both in Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Lightroom and LR Mobile!

Ambertone Presets are intended to be used with RAW photos, but they will work just as right with phone and GoPro shots as well. Personally tested!

Within the pack you will find 15 different Presets:

  1. Ambertone Bright
  2. Ambertone Dark
  3. Ambertone Dark + WB
  4. Ambertone Cobalt
  5. Ambertone Cobalt + WB
  6. Ambertone Warm
  7. Ambertone Earthy —
  8. Ambertone Earthy +
  9. Ambertone Green —
  10. Ambertone Green +
  11. Ambertone Filmstock I
  12. Ambertone Filmstock II
  13. Ambertone Filmstock III
  14. Ambertone Dust
  15. Ambertone Amaranthe Fusion