Pathfinder Profile Pack

I believe Pathfinder is one of my most experimental and outlandish profile packs.

Let me explain it better:

Pathfinder Profile packs are created using 3D LUT infusion technology and are capable of delivering color results you haven’t seen before

In order to reveal the magic behind this pack, play with White Balance and Camera Calibration settings of your shots to get those amazing results!

*slight PS adjustments: added flare and dust effects

*slight PS adjustments: local corrections in Lightroom

This is not your average preset!
As it’s created as a profile with a 3D LUT color remapping infused, you have the ability to control the strength of the effect using the amount slider, and absolutely transform your photos!

To keep it short: Profiles are Presets on steroids and their main benefit is color manipulation on a whole new level! (which is something that many Lightroom/Photoshop users don’t know about!)

Over the course of almost two years I’ve ended up creating much more, a versatile Profile Pack that can be used for your adventure, off road driving and action shots as well, be it indoor or outdoor, it delivers an interesting movie like color palette I am lately very fond of.

You can see how I’m using it on my Instagram!

Pathfinder is a pack I’ve started creating while inspired by urban cityscape shots, metal and glass, textures of rust and darkwood.

As a pre-filter or as a general preset of your color correction, use them both ways and don’t forget to be creative, as this is exactly what I’ve created them for!

Profiles of the Pathfinder Profile Pack work both in Lightroom and in Adobe Camera Raw!

Pathfinder Profiles are intended to be used with RAW photos, but they will work just as right with phone and GoPro shots as well. Personally tested!

Within the pack you will find 12 different Presets:

  1. Pathfinder Bright
  2. Pathfinder Cobalt
  3. Pathfinder Cold
  4. Pathfinder Warm
  5. Pathfinder Color +
  6. Pathfinder Emerald
  7. Pathfinder Emerald Deep
  8. Pathfinder Fusion
  9. Pathfinder Fusion +
  10. Pathfinder X
  11. Pathfinder Whitewash
  12. Pathfinder Streetwalk


Pathfinder | Cobalt

Pathfinder | Fusion

Pathfinder | X

Pathfinder | Color +

Pathfinder | Fusion

Pathfinder | Warm + White Balance correction