Vagabond Profile Pack

is one of my most unique and favorite creations. This Bundle Pack represents my quest for a unique cinematic color palette I was striving to achieve for years — and finally made it!

Vagabond is a preset pack that works amazing with a wide variety of shots, bringing a dramatic look to the photos that normally wouldn’t stand out. I use it to achieve a special look when shooting portraits, outdoor shots, cityscapes and extreme sports.

The Pack consists of 12 different profiles, all revolving around a darker grey — cobalt cinematic color palette.

The profiles included are going to keep you covered while exploring the wide variety of the color style Vagabond represents.

This is not your average preset!
My profiles combine presets with Adobe’s new 3D LUT infusion technology allowing you to control the strength of the effect using the amount slider, and absolutely transform your photos!

To keep it short:
Profiles are Presets on steroids and their main benefit is color manipulation on a whole new level! (which is something that many Lightroom/Photoshop users don’t know about!)

The main visual effect of the Vagabond Profile Pack is created by the tonal change that is happening between the hues of green and orange, toning the greens into grey/blue while enhancing the orange, and earthy tones of the image.

I could describe Vagabond as a moody pack, exploring the darker and cold cinematic color palette, and enhancing the complementary tones of your photos. It’s a similar idea to what Pathfinder delivers, but in a very different way!

Presets of the Hireath Profile Pack work both in Lightroom and in Photoshop Camera Raw!

With the ability to infuse a profile with a 3D LUT, I was able to create a color look that definitely stands out among thousands of preset packs out there!

The 12 Profiles included in the package are revolving around a unique color palette, while providing a variety of looks!

Within the pack you will find the Installation guide and 12 different Profiles:

  1. Vagabond +
  2. Vagabond —
  3. Vagabond Foxtrail
  4. Vagabond Greentrail
  5. Vagabond Darktrail
  6. Vagabond Darktrail +
  7. Vagabond Darkwood
  8. Vagabond Brightsky
  9. Vagabond Brightsky +
  10. Vagabond Optimist
  11. Vagabond Light
  12. Vagabond Shadowplay
  13. Vagabond Shadowplay Vibrant


Vagabond | Darktrail

Vagabond | Shadowplay

Vagabond | Brightsky +

Vagabond | Vagabond —