Wanderer Profile Pack

The first Profile I’ve ever created now got its own pack! It’s something of a Hiraeth's older brother when it comes to colors and the mood it evokes.

As it’s using a new 3D LUT infused .xmp technology it allows you to tame all the tones of your image and shape them into a palette that’s more pleasing to the eye.

I would describe Wanderer as a late summer palette, that calls upon the mood of the first days of autumn when the nature seems most colorful.

It’s one of my go-to Profiles for a variety of bright travel related shots, outdoor activities, evening scenes and much more!

''Wanderer is the first professional preset I used on my photos. I would describe it as ''Beautiful autumn colors with a summer sea mood'' — it’s something only Marko knows how to combine.''
— M. Jelikic

''I was one of Marko’s first early testers of Wanderer so I can say I was witnessing the progress as he worked into turning Wanderer into a respectable pack that I would recommend to anyone looking for a palette that deals with both shadows and highlights of your shots, creating a pleasant tone that fits to everything from cityscape, landscape, travel, adventure shots…
I’ve recently started using Wanderer to set the initial toning of my portraits in ACR and Lightroom''

— I. Kazantsev

If you want to experiment further with what Wanderer is capable of my advice is:
 — play with White Balance and Camera Calibration settings of your shots to get those amazing and often unexpected results!

This is not your average preset!
My profiles combine presets with Adobe’s new 3D LUT infusion technology allowing you to control the strength of the effect using the amount slider, and absolutely transform your photos!

To keep it short: Profiles are Presets on steroids and their main benefit is color manipulation on a whole new level! (which is something that many Lightroom/Photoshop users don’t know about!)


''Great work creating this preset! Most of the photos you can edit with just one click, and for those you can’t — just a slight adjustment is all what needs to be done. It has been adapted phenomenally''
— J. Mario

Presets of the Wanderer Profile Pack work both in Lightroom and in Photoshop Camera Raw!

Wanderer Profiles are intended to be used with RAW photos, but they will work just as right with phone and GoPro shots as well. Personally tested!

Within the pack you will find 12 different Presets:

  1. Wanderer 01
  2. Wanderer 01 Bright
  3. Wanderer Champagne
  4. Wanderer Champagne II
  5. Wanderer Shiraz
  6. Wanderer Tangerine
  7. Wanderer Desert Rose
  8. Wanderer Goldleaf
  9. Wanderer Soft
  10. Wanderer Light
  11. Wanderer Dark
  12. Wanderer Sundown


Wanderer | 01

Wanderer | Champagne

Wanderer | Light

Wanderer | Sundown