Forbidden advertising campaign for Shining Ego. Mark Smilyanic | Portrait and Adventure Photographer from Belgrade

Take a look at the provocative advertisement directed by photographer Marko Smiljanić for the brand Shining Ego

Helped by mr. Smiljanic, the founder of the new Serbian lingerie brand — Shining Ego, Dragana Tanasijević, gathered famous Russian instagram models and playboy bunnies to star in a provocative advertising campaign. The girls involved are Russia’s famous models whose accounts on social networks follow millions of people worldwide.

Some of the ladies appearing in the promo video include a well-known Russian model Anya Sugar. Anya, together with other girls arrived in Belgrade exclusively for Shining Ego.

In the commercial alongside Russia’s most enticing girls, you may find several girls known to the Serbian public, that have made notable appearances in music videos of Serbian performers, as well as a catwalk model — Nadja Tomovic, who is also the brand’s ambassador.

At the beginning of the text, check out the banned advertisement directed by the extravagant portrait photographer Marko Smiljanić, that turned out being too much for the TV audience

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